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Strive To Be The Kind Of Person
Your Dog Thinks You Are

Our Philosophy


Our philosophy in caring for your dog is to eliminate all stress instead of managing it. We handle each dog in a calm, friendly and non threatening manner. Since every dog is different we adjust our body language, our voices and our stature to enable your dog to relax around us. This creates a calm environment that allows your dog to trust us and be in a balanced state both physically and mentally while in our care. 

We treat your dog like a member of our family, and temporarily adopt it while it's in our care - whether for a few days, a few weeks, or even longer.



We love hearing our customers are happy:


"We have been using Cedar Lane for over 25 years. We have had 7 yellow labs and all of them love going there." - Shelley C.


"Cedar Lane is truly their second home. We refer to it as their spa." -Gail R.


"I have a rescue dog and he loves CLK. Peter is very patient and kind and more importantly, understands dogs." - Laura L.