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The Premier pet boarding and pet grooming facility serving the Chicago metro area

We don't have any cases in our kennel or grooming shop.  All dogs must be vaccinated against Canine Influenza, Bordetella, Distemper combo and Rabies.  Dogs do not play with other dogs but have individual Play Times or Walks with a human play-mate.  All toys are disinfected after each use with bleach and rinsed.  All staff must sanitize their hands after handling a dog.  The grooming table and equipment  are cleaned after every dog  All floors are sanitized with bleach, detergent and water.

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We do not raise our rates for the holidays.

In addition to boarding, we also offer:

  • Professional dog grooming
  • Doggie Day Camp
  • Play-times
  • Lap-times
  • Dog training
  • 24-hour supervision (the owner lives on the premises)
  • 24-hour on-call veterinary services for emergencies
  • Veterinary Consultation Services provided by All Creatures Great and Small

We are licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture and have continuously passed their unannounced inspections.

New: Yogurt is now available upon request!