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Rates, Discounts and Specials on Dog Boarding and Grooming in Downers Grove, IL

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Cedar Lane Kennels has a customer appreciation rewards program and offers continuous discounts year round (excluding holidays).

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As a service to our customers we always keep our rates low. Our current rates are:

  • Small Dogs up to 20lbs $30.00
  • Medium Dogs 21-39lbs $31.00
  • Large Dogs 40-69lbs $32.00
  • X-Large Dogs 70-99lbs $31.50
  • Giant Dogs 100lbs and up $34.00
  • If you have two dogs, we will reduce each rate by $1.00! If you have three, then each rate reduces by $1.50!

Play Time

Our current rates  for Doggie Play Times are:

  • 15 minutes $10.00
  • 20 minutes $11.00
  • 30 minutes $13.00

Day Care (Gold, Silver, or Bronze Pkg.)

Full or one-half (1/2) day — individualized, competition-free, safe and engaging one-on-one attention tailored to your dog’s personality.

Day Care

  • Gold Pkg: $40.00 Whole Day (6-10 hours) | $36.00 Half Day (up to 4 hours)
  • Silver Pkg: $38.00 Whole Day (6-10 hours) | $34.00 Half Day (up to 4 hours)
  • Bronze Pkg: $38.00 Whole Day (6-10 hours)| $32.00 Half Day (up to 4 hours)

Gold Pkg — Three (3) 30 minute Playtimes (Whole Day) | Two (2) 30 Minutes Playtimes (Half Day)
Silver Pkg — Three (3) 20 minute Playtimes (Whole Day) | Two (2) 20 Minutes Playtimes (Half Day)
Bronze Pkg — Three (3) 15 minute Playtimes (Whole Day) | Two (2) 15 Minutes Playtimes (Half Day)

We also offer leisurely walks for your dog, also done one-on-one, and is the same price as playtimes. Walks are advantageous to senior dogs, dogs recovering from an injury or surgery, and to dogs that don’t want to play.


At Cedar Lane Kennels, we appreciate you and your pup. This is why we offer customer appreciation rewards. To give back to our awesome customers, below we have a few specials to show our gratitude:

  • Board your dog 3+ nights, get 10% off from day 1!
  • Board and groom your dog at the same time and get 10% off grooming!

*No discounts available during holidays

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